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Children on the floor playing

Most web sites are the work of many hands over an extended period of time.
Roslyn’s web site is no exception.

Thanks to the following people:

  • • Michael Krausse, who, for many years, created and maintained Roslyn’s original web site that preceded the current version.

  • • Ursula Jugel, copywriter extraordinaire, who wrote much of the site and created Roslyn’s new signature “Private attention, public spirit.” Ursula’s son, Dakota, graduated in the spring of 2010.

  • • Caroline Kemp and Cesare Tatarelli, principals of web design firm Strata360 who volunteered their efforts to create and maintain this new web site. Caroline and Cesare’s daughters are in grades 3 and 5.

  • • Thomas LaPierre, who shepherded Home and School for many years, also helped with copy for the web site.

  • • Vivian Doan, a wonderful commercial photographer specializing in children, volunteered her time and skill to provide us with the original batch of photos for the new web site.

  • • Louise Abbott and her partner Niels Jensen, well-known Canadian photographers volunteered their considerable skills to provide us with a wide variety of new photos to keep the web site fresh and current. Louise is also a graduate of Roslyn from times past.

  • • Kirk Kelly, who did little, but was good at getting others to do much.