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One of the hurdles that families moving to Montreal face is where to send your children for schooling. The choices can sometimes be confusing.

Essentially, a child who is eligible for English language education can choose from any of the options available – attend either a public or a private school in either of the English or French language school systems.

Sometimes, people who are new to the city feel that they owe it to their children to send them to private school. This can be to make up for uprooting them from the environment where they were comfortable or because they think that private schools just have to be better – after all, a school that costs $16,000 per year has to be better than a school that only costs $265 per year, right?

Before you make your final decision, please consider carefully the case for Roslyn –

1. your child will meet the world at Roslyn. Over 100 cultures are represented among our 470 students.

2. all schools in Quebec, public or private, French or English, must teach the same government mandated curriculum. Two of Roslyn’s highly regarded teachers developed major pieces of the curriculum in social sciences and sciences.

3. Roslyn offers a full range of enrichment activities. Some are designed to help children who need an extra little push. Others engage children who need more challenges in math, science, languages, geography or any number of other areas.

4. Roslyn has specialist teachers in physical education, science and music who work with all the children in all classes.

5. Roslyn has over 18,000 books in its library and a dedicated librarian. Children are welcome to browse and borrow books and to use the computer facilities to follow their interests.

6. Roslyn is centrally located in a beautiful, quiet residential neighbourhood in the heart of Westmount. Every Roslyn student has full borrowing privileges at Westmount’s extraordinary library.

7. Roslyn parents have created a vibrant community – more than 100 parents volunteer their time on a regular basis running a health room, enrichment programs, helping with school trips, reading with children etc. By getting involved, you can be part of the learning world of your children.

8. Roslyn’s annual fees are $265 per student. Even if you can easily afford private school fees of $16,000 per child, consider that the $15,735 you save every year for every child by choosing Roslyn will cover the costs of a lot of enrichment for your child – and for you.

9. High school students of the English Montreal School Board, of which Roslyn is a part, have the highest French language scores at graduation of any school board in or around Montreal. We know what it takes to help children excel in studies in two languages.

10. Roslyn’s graduates do very well indeed – almost three-quarters go on to study at limited admission public high schools (where students must excel at special examinations to gain entrance) or at private high schools in both the French and English sectors.

11. One of the things that you will really like about Roslyn – it’s child friendly. It’s really important that children be happy learning and you’ll sense that the first time you walk through our doors.

12. Finally, the EMSB has the highest graduation rate (percent of students who finish high school) of any school board in the province.