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“Someone once told me, ‘Immersion students think twice’… and now I expect my students to always attack a situation from more than one angle. I know our approach is working. Roslyn students repeatedly pass the entrance exams for French high schools, and no matter where they go, private or public, they come back to tell me just how easy their new French classes are.”

Marie-Claude Bergeron, Roslyn French Teacher, Author
Arts graduate and writer of EMSB French Immersion Social Studies grade books

Private Attention, Public Spirit

Roslyn is a public elementary school that offers a rich French Immersion Program. Students are taught all subjects in French from Kindergarten to the end of Cycle 1, then receive bilingual instruction in Cycle 2 and 3. We also provide a diversified enrichment program to help your child enhance their academic skills.

When your child joins the Roslyn community, they take part in a vibrant, multi-faceted curriculum and share a strong school spirit. Whether your child enjoys producing plays or web pages, playing the violin or hockey, becoming involved in a community recycling program or a chess club, there is something for them at Roslyn.

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