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At the centre of the school, on the second floor, is Roslyn's very well equipped library. The library is large, bright and comfortable and the children really enjoy spending time in the cozy reading nook. There are also lots of green leafy plants cared for by the librarian.

Mission Statement

To help Roslyn Students succeed by fostering a love of reading for pleasure and for learning, in a safe and inviting space that offers materials that will engage them.



In addition to the thousands of books available in our library, Roslyn students have access to many online books. A username and password are required to access these online resources. If you don't know them, please ask our librarian and she will be happy to provide them to you.



Welcome to TumbleBookCloud's Graphic Novel Summer Reading Program (ends Labour Day).

EMSB Virtual Library

EMSB Virtual Library

These bilingual, multi-media resources support the Quebec curriculum and include: Britannica and Universalis encyclopedias; La Presse and the Gazette; ONF/NFB and Learn 360.

If you have any difficulties, please see the FAQ, user guides, and video-demos available on the website, or ask your librarian.

Marshall Cavendish Digital Books

Abdo Digital

CyberSmarts Interactive eBooks


Roslyn's Library and Student Life

The Roslyn School library is one of the most well stocked school libraries in the province. It houses approximately 18,000 volumes and is widely used by both students and teachers. Our library is staffed by an experienced teacher-librarian and dedicated volunteers.

The library is an integral part of the curriculum at Roslyn. It is the hub of learning where students are exposed to the varied world of literature and knowledge. They learn to work independently and to research effectively, using the large reference sections and the many computers with internet access.

The collection is tailored to meet the needs of our students by selecting materials that enrich the curriculum, allow the students to explore new interests, and spark their imaginations.

By borrowing books from the library, the students learn responsibility and the need to respect deadlines and limits. There are no overdue fines, but students may not borrow books until the late books have been returned. The cost of lost books is paid for by the students, and if the book should happen to turn up in the future, the money will be refunded if the book is returned in good condition. Late and lost book notices are sent home via kid courier.


Circulation and Access

Each class at the school makes regular weekly visits. To help with French Immersion, the following circulation rules apply.

Kindergarten children take 1 French picture book for 1 week. These books are pre-selected by the librarian. The librarian often reads to the students during their visits.

Grade 1 students take 1 French picture book for a maximum of 2 weeks since they are encouraged to read the words themselves. Books are also pre-selected by the librarian.

Grade 2 students choose 2 books themselves from the shelves for 2 weeks. In Grade two, the students start to learn about Non-Fiction books, where to find them, and how to select appropriate ones.

Grade 3 students can start taking books in English. They can take 2 books —one in English and one in French—from the Fiction and Non-Fiction sections of the library. They can keep these books for a 2 week period.

Grades 4-6 can take up to 4 books for a 2 week period.

Students are also welcomed in the library before and after classes, as well as during recess and lunch time WHENEVER the librarian is in the school. The librarian also organizes a virtual book club and helps students with individual research projects.



Roslyn families are encouraged to volunteer at the library. The volunteers sign up to help in the library through the Roslyn Home and School Association (HandS) that also provides funds for library supplies. The pool of volunteers assists the librarian with shelving and repairing books, processing new books, helping students find their way around the library, and by decorating the library for special holidays and events. If you are interested in volunteering, please ask!


New Books

New books come to the library through various sources: EMSB budget, funds raised through the Home and School annual book sale (new and used books). New books are showcased on the Drool Shelf.


Linda Lee Fund

The library is honoured to be the recipient of a bequest benefiting Roslyn Students. In 1990, the Linda Lee Fund was established. Linda Lee taught successive classes of Grade 4 boys at Roslyn School from 1924 to 1959.

After her retirement, she continued to live in Westmount until her death in April 1990. In her last will and testament, Linda Lee bequeathed the sum of $60,000.00 to the Roslyn School Library for the purchase of children’s books. This money has been carefully invested on our behalf by the School Board. Each year, the revenues from this bequest are used to purchase books that are inscribed in the memory of Linda Lee and placed into general circulation in the library so that all can enjoy and remember the generosity and kindness of Miss Lee. Students are encouraged to join a community library.


Public Libraries

All Roslyn Students may become members of the Westmount Public Library, free of charge. If students bring their Roslyn School Agenda to the library, they may be issued a card. It is important for Roslyn Students to display exemplary behaviour at all times when using community facilities.