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Children on the floor playing

Roslyn offers an enriched environment with programs and activities that meet the interests of almost every child. We are very pleased that you are interested in having your child attend Roslyn Elementary School and are happy to try and answer any questions that you might have.

Our Mission and Vision Statements

Our Mission:
To promote the intellectual, moral, social, emotional and physical development of our students in an intellectually stimulating, caring, healthy and safe environment. Nurturing bilingualism and a lifelong love of learning in every student are top priorities at Roslyn. We strive to prepare our students for their civic responsibilities in Quebec, Canada and the World.

Our Vision:
To enhance the school’s educational environment through project based learning where children acquire knowledge by doing. Project-based learning utilizes and encourages cooperation among all educators in each cycle to construct student activities that are cross-curricular, cycle-oriented, skill-level oriented, and learning-style oriented. This approach supports students to acquire the competencies of their cycle over a two year period taking into account student learning styles and capabilities.