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Toonie Challenge

Photos from our recent Toonie Challenge Event

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Halloween Cake

Pictures of our fabulous Halloween Cake.

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2016 Open House

Pictures from the Principal's presentation during our open house on October 19th.

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2016 Terry Fox Run

Each year our students participate in the Terry Fox Run to help raise awareness for cancer research.

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Kindergarten Fruit Salad

Learning about nutrition at a young age can give our children the foundation to lead happy and healthy lives. As part of our Nutrition Unit at Roslyn, the kindergarten "Chefs" made a class fruit salad!

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Milk Factory

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100th Day of School

The Kindergarten children took the school by storm with a week filled with fun-filled activities to celebrate the 100th day of school! Festivities included their final 100th day surprise from "Les Super-Zéros", in-class 100th day activities, a 100th day art exhibition and finally a 100th day parade where the children counted up to 100 steps and sang 2 wonderful songs about being at school for 100 days! So much fun!

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Sidewalk Chalk

Geordie Productions visited Roslyn School as part of this year's tour to present the play "Sidewalk Chalk" written by Cliff Cardinal and directed by Dean Patrick.

Best Friends Grace and Gary spend every day drawing a fantastical chalk world on the sidewalk in front of Grace’s house. As Gary struggles to deal with his parent’s separation he tells Grace they can’t spend time together anymore because she’s too little- He wants a Separation from her. As things in their world shift, the chalk drawing beneath their feet opens up and sends them spiralling into the universe that they created. Now they must fight for a way home together and learn about what being best friends really means.

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Le Temps des Fleurs – Le Temps des Neiges

A total of 320 Montreal elementary school choristers, a symphonic orchestra and renowned Quebec actor Guy Nadon have collaborated on a children’s book/CD about the ancient Greek myth of Persephone and how the seasons came to be. Le Temps des Fleurs, le Temps des Neiges is a massive multi-disciplinary project culminating in the creation of a book/CD for children in French, which explores the ancient Greek myth of the Goddess Demeter, her daughter Persephone and the unbreakable bond that exists between a mother and her child.

The project kicked off on Thursday, Oct. 29 at the Embassy Plaza in Laval with red carpet event. That will be followed by a formal launch on Wed. Nov. 11 (7 pm) at Victoria Hall in Westmount. On Sunday, Nov. 22 (11:30 am) there will be a presentation at the Salon du Livre de Montréal at the Place Bonaventure.

Written by Canadian children's book author Glen Huser and adapted to French by Jean Antonin Billard and Robert Paquin, the book includes an operatic version of the story on CD, composed by Athens-based Giannis Georgantelis. Brilliantly illustrated by three time Governor General Award winning illustrator Philippe Béha and narrated by Nadon, le Temps des Fleurs, le Temps des Neiges is a collaboration of Panarmonia Atelier Musical with Quebec publishing house Planète Rebelle and Chroma Musika,.

The accompanying CD features a complete musical version of the book with performances by soloists and the combined choirs of 12 different schools from the EMSB, the Commission scolaire Marguerite Bourgeoys and l’École primaire Socrates & Démosthène. The children were accompanied by the Orchestre Symphonique Pop de Montréal under the direction of Professor Alain Cazes. Net profits from the sales within the school systems will be donated to the participating schools.

Project musical directors, Dimitri Ilias and Maria Diamantis, hope the children of the choir gain a better understanding and appreciation for ancient Greek mythology, broaden their horizons coming in contact with great Canadian artists and learn how a professional CD is made — from recording to final mixing, editing and mastering with Concordia Professor and Juno Award Judge, Dr. Mark Corwin. The opportunity to perform alongside a symphonic orchestra is a unique musical experience not available to many. Even more importantly, the children learned the value and rewards that come from teamwork, cooperation, hard work and discipline.

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Ici Radio Canada

La Presse

Video reportage Press Conference (Avec M. Beis et Mme Deros)

Time for Flowers Time for Snow-English version

Craig Thompson Visits Roslyn

Cartoonist and graphic novelist Craig Thompson visited Roslyn students to talk about his debut book for young readers, Space Dumplins. Available in the Roslyn school libary.

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Mural Workshop

Roslyn students were excited to participate in a mural workshop to help beautify Roslyn School.

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Roslyn Excels at Queens Tournament

In the Ontario-Quebec Team championship, Roslyn was represented in K-3 division by: Jayden Perlman (Grade 1) won 4 out of 5; Miguel Martinez (Grade 2) won 4 out of 5; Ayden Dorey (Grade 3) won 1.5; Eli Klamph (Grade 3) won 1 game. Resulting in an overall Second Place finish and trophy for the Rosyln Chessnuts Team!

Zeus McLurkin Visits Roslyn

Zeus McLurkin a member of the famous Harlem Globetrotters came to Roslyn on March 30th to talk to the students about bullying.

The Alouettes Visit Roslyn

Remembrance Day Photos

Halloween Photos

Roslyn students, teachers and staff had a great time dressing up for Halloween at school!