COVID-19 Updates

Back-to-school 2021-2022 – Covid-19:

In preparation for the upcoming return to school, the Direction générale de la sante publique has confirmed that certain contingency measures, which were announced in the updated Back-to-School Plan presented by Minister Jean-Francois Roberge on August 11, will have to be put in place in certain regions in light of their respective epidemiological situations.

As of the beginning of the new school year, all elementary and secondary students in these regions will be required to wear procedural masks at all times while inside the school, that is, in class, at the daycare, in all common areas or when circulating within the school. This requirement does  not apply to preschool students.

The main objective of these prevention measures is to protect students and staff members, while also reducing the risk of outbreaks and class closures. It should be noted that during heat waves, removing masks in classrooms will be permitted once everyone is seated at their assigned place.

The Direction générale de la sante publique has once again confirmed that there will be no requirements related to stable class groups for the back-to-school period, as was announced on August 11 for all regions of Quebec.

Additionally, in order to provide consistency with the measures planned for college and university stiidents, students in adult general education and vocational training will be required to wear procedural masks at all times, including in class, regardless of region.

For information about the management of cases and outbreaks, especially with regard to how long a person exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 should stay home and whether students and teachers in the same group should isolate, please consult the document by the Institut national de sante publique du Quebec (INSPQ), which can be found at

However, it should be noted that the regional public health authorities are responsible for managing these situations and for informing the institutions concerned. 

In elementary schools, extracurricular activities and sports will continue.

In secondary schools, students aged 13 and over will be required to present their vaccination passport to participate in some extracurricular physical activities or sports.

The vaccination passport will also be required to participate in interscholastic games, matches or competitions as part of specific sports programs and Sports-Etudes programs. The outdoor activities for which the vaccination passport will be required are those involving frequent or prolonged contact. The vaccination passport will also be required for all indoor physical activities and sports.

We would also like to inform you that a guide outlining the main back-to-school guidelines will be available shortly at

A reminder to assess your health or your child's health each morning

Public Health authorities ask that you assess your health each morning. This on-line tool will help you determine if you can report to school/work or should stay home and seek further assessment for COVID-19.

or in French:
Important COVID-19 related information for our parents/guardians
Back-to-School information for our parents/guardians

Important Phone Numbers

For general information about COVID-19, call the toll-free hotline:
1-514-644-4545 (Montreal Area)
If you are experiencing physical symptoms (cough or fever) do not leave home, call:
1-514-644-4545 (Montreal Area)
If you are experiencing anxiety or emotional distress, call the Info-Social helpline (24/7):
Support for young people:
For family support, food banks, housing assistance
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