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Roslyn Elementary

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The Roslyn Home and School Association manages almost all the fundraising needs for Roslyn activities, and relies primarily on the active involvement of many, many parents. That’s why we call it ‘HandS’, cause without the ambidextrous involvement of parents like you, Roslyn wouldn’t be nearly as great.

If you have time to spare, you can become an invaluable part of school life. In fact, there are so many ways to lend a hand — we could say our volunteer program is almost as eclectic as our enrichment program. And, we’re pretty sure you’ll find it an incredibly rewarding experience, no matter how you choose to give.

If you would like to become involved, feel free to attend our monthly meetings. The dates can be found in the school calendar and in your child's agenda. Meetings begin at 7:15 and end at 9:00. They are held in the staff room at Roslyn School.

Quebec Federation of Home and School Association Newsletters

History of Home and School

Roslyn Home and School association was officially established in 1940, but it is well known that the association has been around much longer than that.   The oldest home and school association in Quebec, the Roslyn Home and School Association, better known as HandS, has a long standing tradition of fundraising, building school spirit and helping to create an enriched educational life for the students and families of Roslyn. 

We fundraise through our annual pizza lunches, book fair, and parents’ dance.  Money raised is used for many projects.  In the past, HandS has been able to financially support the purchasing of playground equipment, painting of play yard games, robotic equipment for the science program, books and supplies for the library as well as the literacy department, supplies and ongoing maintenance for both the Computer Lab and Health room.

The aim of school spirit events is to foster a sense of community and pride for the children attending Roslyn, staff and their families.  We build school spirit by hosting our annual Welcome Back Event and Spring Open House, New Family and Kindergarten Family Welcome, Teacher Appreciation Week, as well as our Talent Night. 

The Roslyn Home and School Association is comprised of volunteer parents.  If you have time or ideas, we encourage you to get involved by attending our monthly meetings, holding an executive position on our leadership team or volunteering at any of our events.  When we work together, the possibilities are endless!

Team Members

  • President: Aaron Fraser

  • Vice-president: Shana Rotstein

  • Treasurer: Olga Maria Ruiz

  • Secretary: Margaret Thompson

  • Marketing/Publicity: Peter Reynolds and Barbara Whiston will take on this role jointly.

  • Volunteer Coordinator: Marie-Helene Pringle

  • QFHSA Representative: Leah Trineer

    List of volunteers for upcoming year:

    Welcome New Families Coffee – Michelle Grigat
    Kindergarden Parent’s Event – Michelle Grigat
    Welcome Back Festival – Barbara Whiston, Skawennati Fragnito, Abigail Jacob
    School Pictures – Skawennati Fragnito
    Used Book Sale – Possibily during open house in May – TBD
    Bake Sale – Grad Committee
    Teacher Appreciation Week – Marie-Helene Pringle, Abigail Jacob
    Talent Night – Robert Stevens, Ilana Kronick
    Parents Dance – Skawennati Fragnito, Peter Reynolds, Leslie Symansky
    End of year open house – TBD
    Library Volunteers – to confirm with Marina Martelli
    Pizza Lunch – Paul Robichaud, Staci Hamilton, Leslie Symansky, Jon C. Adams
    HandS Merchandise Fundraiser – Position Removed

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