“One of the most important lessons we teach our students is to respect themselves and others. This understanding cannot be complete without taking into account the realities of people around the world, and how we as global citizens can help, no matter how far away, or how removed from the situation we may be. At Roslyn, there is always a way to help, especially when we work together.” 
- Debbie Jardine, Activities Coordinator

Reaching out to the world

We sponsor a variety of social service programs at Roslyn, and encourage our students to take part with all their enthusiasm. On top of the Spaghetti Dinners, Talent Shows and Book Fairs, we organize other events aimed at funding specific organizations we wish to support more fully. 

Students are encouraged to brainstorm on creative ways to build awareness and compassion in their family and the surrounding community, as well as raise funds and resources for those in need.

Reaching in to build heart 

It’s Roslyn’s way of giving back, and demonstrating the give-and-take that builds a thriving community and society. We invite influencers, alumni and caring citizens to come in and share with children too. For example, The Roots of Empathy program welcomes volunteer parents to periodically bring their newborn babies to school. The program is geared to increase empathy and help our students better understand the feelings of others.


Jump Rope for Heart

Roslyn gave all its heart to The Heart and Stroke Foundation last year.

Montreal Children’s Hospital

We are lucky to have such an advanced facility serving our community. The Children’s is one of the three major causes the school supports, with collection boxes at Halloween and with donations of student art to hospital rooms.

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Share the Warmth 

Every Monday this organization delivers sandwiches, apples and other healthy snacks. To thank them, we raised $250 by cleaning up the school yard, and another $250 by selling arts and crafts.


The Terry Fox Run 

For the past seven years, Roslyn has eagerly taken part in The Terry Fox Run. It is spearheaded by Eddie Nolan, a school caretaker, and run participant for 30 years now. As of this year, we have raised over $149,000 including corporate sponsorships and public matches.

The Lymphoma 

This year, students are holding a penny drive with the goal of gathering the same weight in pennies as is proudly toted by Mr. Roger, the science teacher.


Spread the net.org 

Last year, Roslyn Grade 3 and 4 students raised $680, enough to buy 68 bed nets to fight malaria in Africa. 

Free the Children

In the 2007/2008 school year, Roslyn students challenged themselves to raise enough money to build a school in Kenya. They came up with the fundraising ideas together — pyjama days, origami sales, an NHL playoff newspaper, bake sales, and dollar days — raising $8,500, which was then matched by Free the Children. This year the students plan to raise enough to cover the school’s ongoing needs. 

Keen on Green 

Our students are active recyclers — we collect cellphones, batteries and ink cartridges in partnership with Bureau en Gros. Roslyn has a “Green Team” of students that gather and sort the recyclables, maintain the terrarium in The Zoom Room, and brainstorm on new and better ways to make our community the greenest place on the planet.