Enrichment Programs

Imagination is the seed of greatness

Roslyn’s approach to learning recognizes how important it is for students to be engaged and inspired by their environment, and their abilities. While fulfilling the ministry mandated curriculum within its French Immersion Program, students are also encouraged to partake in a wide range of enriched subjects. 

In Fall 2007, Roslyn piloted a math enrichment program, adding a new focus to its existing remedial support. The following year, in partnership with Concordia University, three more enrichment subjects were introduced — art, literature and science.

For this academic year, we have classes in building wind turbines, engineering, geography and hybrid automotive technology. There seems to be no limit to the interests and enthusiasm of our students.

Roslyn offers a full range of enrichment activities. Some are designed to help children who need an extra little push. Others engage children who need more challenges in math, science, languages, geography or any number of other areas.