Roslyn is an English language school, part of the English Montreal School Board, that offers a full French immersion program for students.

Give your child the advantage of knowing a second language

The goal of Roslyn’s French immersion program is to help children become fully bilingual and comfortable in working and living in both French and English. This offers them the ability to play a full role in the development of Quebec’s society and unique culture and to take on responsibilities and positions in any area of the private or public sectors if they choose. 

In the early years in kindergarten through to the end of grade 2, children are taught entirely in French. Research has shown that full exposure to a second language at as early an age as possible makes it easier for children to become fluent in the second language.

Students in grade 3 through grade 6 spend half of each week working in each of English and French. Typically, science, ethics & religious cultures and social sciences along with French grammar and writing are taught in French. Mathematics, English literature, music and phys ed are taught in English. 

A study carried out by McGill over many years has shown that children, no matter their level of proficiency in school, benefit from learning a second language as early as possible. Specifically, the skills, acquired in learning the second language are useful in all other subject areas -- students with second language skills do better in all their subject areas than children with only single language skills.

Enrichment Programs

Imagination is the seed of greatness

Roslyn’s approach to learning recognizes how important it is for students to be engaged and inspired by their environment, and their abilities. While fulfilling the ministry mandated curriculum within its French Immersion Program, students are also encouraged to partake in a wide range of enriched subjects. 

In Fall 2007, Roslyn piloted a math enrichment program, adding a new focus to its existing remedial support. The following year, in partnership with Concordia University, three more enrichment subjects were introduced — art, literature and science.

For this academic year, we have classes in building wind turbines, engineering, geography and hybrid automotive technology. There seems to be no limit to the interests and enthusiasm of our students.

Roslyn offers a full range of enrichment activities. Some are designed to help children who need an extra little push. Others engage children who need more challenges in math, science, languages, geography or any number of other areas.

General Academics

Elementary Education Program Icon
Elementary Education Program
General information on the Elementary Education Program
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Fine Arts Concentration Icon
Fine Arts Concentration
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French Immersion Icon
French Immersion
The French immersion program, offers 68% of French language instruction. English...
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Preschool (Kindergarten) Education Icon
Preschool (Kdg) Education
General Information about the Kindergarten Education Programs
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Robotics Icon
The robotics program introduces students to basic programming and hands-on building...
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Sexuality Education icon
Sexuality Education
Each student will receive age appropriate, and developmentally suitable information from...
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Supporting All Individual Learners (SAIL) Icon
Supporting All Individual Learners (SAIL)
For elementary aged students with autism spectrum disorder allowing them to grow and...
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Areas of Enrichment

Literature, English
Fine Arts
Born to Read
Speech Therapy
Conflict Resolution
Roots of Empathy 
Homework Club
Community Service