Our decision to move toward a school uniform came as a result of many discussions with the school staff, and staff council prior to our discussion with the 2019-2020 Governing Board. School uniforms have been found to promote learning, nourish a sense of equality and promote community among students. Furthermore, they help to increase safety by making it easier for staff to identify the students at all times. In the long run, uniforms are more affordable as they eliminate the need to keep up with the latest fashion trends. We want to enforce the notion that students can still shine because ofwho they are and not how they dress.

Transition Year 2021-2022:

Due to the ongoing COVID 19 situation, the Roslyn GB approved to extend the transitional year dress code to 2021-2022. The current dress-code will remain; therefore, students will be permitted to wear the following: 

  • Solid navy blue or solid white or solid light blue top: blouse, shirt, t-shirt, turtleneck or polo
  • OR Navy blue Roslyn Physical Education t-shirt
  • Solid navy blue bottoms: Plain navy blue tunic, knee-length skirt, pants, bermudas, leggings or cargo pants
  • Solid navy blue sweater: Plain solid navy blue sweater, sweatshirt or cardigan

The following clothing items will NOT be permitted:

  • Different coloured sweaters and tops with inappropriate language or symbols
  • Different coloured leggings with designs
  • Jeans, tights and/or spandex shorts or pants
  • Mini-skirts, or skirts that are shorter than knee-length
  • Tops with pictures, slogans and/or messages
  • Crop tops, tank tops, halter tops and camisoles
  • Rolled-up pants, ripped fringes
  • Outdoor boots in the classroom
  • High heels, platform shoes, running shoes with wheels, strapless and flip-flop sandals

Uniform Year:

On June 11, 2020, the Roslyn GB approved the implementation of a school uniform, however, due to COVID 19, it was decided on May 28, 2021 that the transitional year would be extended to the 2021-2022 school year. The Roslyn Administration along with the Governing Board plan to review the implementation of a school uniform in 2022-2023. Once a decision is rendered and a uniform provider has been chosen, parents and guardians will be informed.

Physical Education Uniform:

  • The navy blue Roslyn t-shirt with navy blue shorts or jogging pants and running shoes
  • Students are responsible for being prepared for their physical education class
  • Due to COVID-19, Students may wear their Phys. Ed. Uniform for the entire day and will not be required to change into their school clothes for the 2021-2022 school year


  • ALL students should have one pair of indoor shoes and one pair of outdoor shoes
  • Shoes should be flat and appropriate for running and playing
  • Platform shoes or shoes with high heels are not appropriate, nor safe and will not be permitted
  • At all times, running shoes with wheels underneath are forbidden on school premises
  • Sandals, flip flops or crocs are not permitted for safety reasons
  • Shoes with lights are also not permitted